Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Boat Gadgets: OnStar for Boats?

Imagine having a device on your boat that not only could monitor potential problems such as high water and low battery voltage, but it could also help police track down your stolen boat and even allow your loved ones to track your voyage online while you are out at sea (but only if you allow them access!)

Get into trouble while underway? Press an "SOS" button, and like 911, help will be on the way. Is this system for real? It's out there, and it's called SeaKey. And like GM's OnStar for automobiles, SeaKey provides instant communication to a 24 hour, 7 day per week response center. Best of all, SeaKey recently announced that it can now be offered as an option with virtually any brand of boat.

Not expecting any emergencies? No problem! SeaKey also provides concierge services rivaling those offered with your AMEX black card, so you can push a button and make reservations for a transient slip, dinner, and tickets to a show in the port town you're visiting, all in one call.

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