Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On the web: International Yacht Charters

Chartered Yacht websites are a dime a dozen (haven't used that phrase in a while!), but how do you know which offers are real, and which websites are merely scams? It's not easy, but luckily we came across one that we know is the real deal.

International Yacht Charter Group does not own a few yachts in one location, but provides access to a network of available luxury crewed yachts, and they will help you pick the right one in the same manner a travel agent would help you pick the perfect vacation. They pride themselves on being able to identify the perfect choices that meet the needs of every individual customer, and in making the cumbersome paperwork process seem simple. Best of all, they are run by a group of REAL women - all listed on their "about us" page - including a former executive of YachtStore.com.

So if you're looking for a charter agency you can trust, and a vacation where you really get to relax (on somebody else's boat!), check out International Yacht Charter Group.
On the web: internationalyachtchartergroup.com
Toll free USA: 1-866-492-4768
Toll free UK: 0800-011-2492
Also, be sure to compare offers and service with YachtStore.com

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