Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Our Rocket's Red Glare

They say the two happiest days in the life of every boater is the day (s)he buys a new boat and the day (s)he sells it. Today is a happy day for us, as we launch our new daily endeavor to spread happiness to boaters everywhere... Let's just hope the 2nd happiest day doesn't come too soon!

The tradition of breaking a bottle across the ship's bow began in Britain in the late seventeenth century. We carry on that tradition today, and hope you'll join us in a ceremonial glass of fine champagne, wine or whiskey as we say, "I CHRISTEN THEE, DAILYBOATER.COM!" She's an ambitious ship with a lot of potential. Will she really visit everyone that yearns to see her every single day, even as the number of suitors increases? That really is the plan, but only every weekday... She's spending weekends and holidays at sea!

A special note to our American boaters: we wish you a happy and safe Independence Day.

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