Friday, July 14, 2006

Sea Songs, 1st Edition

It's Friday, and if you're not already boating this weekend, then you are probably either thinking about being on the water or planning your excursion. DailyBoater is proud to bring you a little music to accompany your journey. Each week (unless we change our minds or get distracted) we will share a sea shanty - or at least a song that has some sort of nautical theme - to help get you in the right frame of mind for the weekend. If we can find a clip of the song, we'll share it; if you can get the tune on itunes, we'll give you the link. This isn't old-napster or China - we respect the rights of the artists that produced this great music and don't want to rip them off.

It would have been too easy to pull out a Jimmy Buffett song for our first week (they'll be plenty of those later!), so today we're going old school:
The artist is banjo-strumming Dock Boggs, and you can find this song on a collection entitled His Folkways Years, 1963-1968. Hey, with a name like "DOCK", how can we go wrong with this pick?
Song: Papa, Build Me a Boat
Listen to a clip
Get it at Dock Boggs - His Folkways Years, 1963-1968 - Papa, Build Me a Boat

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