Friday, July 21, 2006

Sea Songs: Miami Vice

With the soundtrack to the upcoming movie version of Miami Vice being announced last week, it is hard to resist offering you the original theme song as this Friday's nautical nugget. You can't tell me that the hard hitting beat of that Jan Hammer tune does not play in the back of your mind every time you accelerate your powerboat; you know it does!

For a fun version of today's Sea Song, check out this site. They are trying to sell a Miami Vice limited edition Scarab by using a home video and the original theme song playing in the background. Make sure you turn up your volume!
  • View the video here
  • Check out the site that the video is from (and maybe even buy the boat)

    Buy it or listen to a clip at iTunes

    Or, at Amazon

    Get the NEW movie soundtrack at iTunes

    Or, at Amazon

    Also on the net:
    Watch the new movie trailer with original theme song by Jan Hammer
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