Friday, July 07, 2006

Ultimate Boat Blender?

The weekend is upon us; are you reading this at the dock while checking the weather and wishing you had a frozen daiquiri to cool you down?

We've seen a bunch of blenders that claim to be "boat blenders" because they attach to a drill, run on re-chargeable batteries, or are hand-cranking people-powered units, but we have not found any of these to crush ice as well as the bartender at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville cafe in Key West. There are now gas-powered blenders as well, but they just sound like they smell bad!

The key to effective mixology while underway is to use a real blender from a trusted appliance maker, and there are few brands that rank up there with Waring. And with Waring's professional grade blender that features both a 12 volt plug with a 14 foot cord AND an unbreakable 48 oz carafe, this is the obvious choice for all your boating (and tailgating) adventures. All that's required is a 12 volt outlet/cigarette lighter, some daiquiri mix and a bottle of rum. Oh yeah, and lots of ice!

Visit a price-comparison sites like to find the cheapest and most reliable place to buy this blender. We found the Waring Tailgater TG15 for about $100 at most stores. I think we're supposed to say something like "drink responsibly" right about here, so there you go.

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