Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Berths for Brits

The British Marine Federation - the Trade Association for the UK Marine Leisure Industry - recently launched a really useful site for folks in Great Britain who are looking for a "suitable berth for their boat", as they put it on their site. The site is called BerthSearch.

As many berth listings on the site are members of a subdivision of the BMF, The Yacht Harbour Association, the site is able to assign a quality-rating system to the listings in the form of gold anchors. The more gold anchors an available berth has, the better the quality.

The QuickBerthSearch tool located on the right of every page makes it easy to do just that, quickly search for a berth in any region of the Queen's country. Best of all, if you can't find a suitable berth - or if you're just plain lazy - the site invites you to contact them they "will be only too pleased to assist you further". (We love those crazy Brits.)

All-in-all, the site is much cleaner and easier to use than many of its counterparts across the pond, including our friends Marinas.com, MarinaFinder.com, DockSearch, and especially our own ugly-sister site SlipConnect (AKA SlipHunt.com). In fact, the only comparable site we've seen as far as presentation goes is MarinaLife, but their business model seems to call for charging both the marinas for advertising as well as boaters who want to search for marinas by location. Unlike MarinaLife, BerthSearch -as well as the other sites listed above - offer the same information and search capability for free.

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