Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boat of the Week

Despite our previous two boats of the week, we do realize here at DailyBoater that sailboats are boats, too. So without further adieu, we bring you this week's featured boat for sale!

Too big for just one photograph, this 125 ft schooner with her 26 ft beam will take your breath away as you comb through the pictures. Christened "Carinae" when built in 2004, this custom yacht claims to sleep 12 guests comfortably, as well as a crew of 5 (probably not so comfortably, but you won't care!)

The best part is the library, which has enough books to list most boats! And for a mere $2.95 Million, you might even get the books as part of the package.

Wanna fly down to Trinidad and Tobago to buy it? Click here.

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