Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why we like jet boats better than prop boats

This is disturbing, so you may not want to read this story.

There's one less foot floating around in the ocean, thanks to a concerned citizen on Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina this past weekend. When a woman found a human foot on the beach this past Sunday, do you think she called the police or even a local lifeguard to investigate a possible crime scene? No, of course not. She instead took matters into her own hands and put the foot in a ziplock freezer bag, and who-knows-how-long-later took the foot to the police station (in her car? on a bus? who knows?)

The reason this story got our attention, is that it turns out the foot belonged to a man who had his leg chopped up by his own prop when he was bounced off his bow a week earlier. The man is recovering as well as can be expected, if not better, but no parts of his leg were recovered... until now.

In an ironic twist as strange as the fact that the woman delivered the foot herself instead of calling 911, the medical examiner that identified the foot as that of the accident victim was also the man who was driving the boat when the accident occurred.

For a much better explanation of what I'm painfully trying to describe, please read Veronica Gonzalez' account of the incident in StarNewsOnline.com

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