Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boat of the Week

Westport Shipyards, founded on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Westport, Washington, has created a mega-yachts that, although made in the USA, can compete with ships built Europe on style and elegance.

The Westport 164 Vango sports a tri-deck design, an LOA of 164 feet (of course), and a 30'10" beam (that's the width of a boat).

She is able to cruise at an impressive 20 knots, and has a top-deck VIP suite with a private outside terrace... And that's not even designed to be the captain's quarters.

Want to learn more about the Vango? Bill Lindstrom, writing for The Daily World (yes, that's a real paper even though it sounds like something out of a comic strip), points out the following interesting tidbits:

Fill'er Up
It costs $50,000 to fill the Vango’s 20,000 gallon-fuel tank.

Cruise Around The World
A full tank of fuel will get the Vango from Washington to Japan — roughly 5,550 miles.

Read more from Bill @ the Daily World

Read a review, with lots of photos, here

Buy the boat here (or at least request a free brochure)

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