Monday, September 18, 2006

Saved by the Cell

Last week, I read an advertisement disguised as a press release from a company that sells survival kits. The release was titled, "Personal Survival Kits Increase Odds." In that press release, a nameless man who we are told is the "head of Product Development" for the company is quoted as saying that people rely heavily on their cell phones when they need help. "Don'’t be fooled into thinking your cell phone will save your life", the nameless head of product development proclaims.

Having read that self-serving press release, the following feel-good survival story aboutt a father and son in Vancouver made me feel even better when I realized that the press release people were wrong - a cell phone actually CAN save your life!!!

I mean, I understand that boaters shouldn't rely primarily on cell phones for survival. For example, simply wearing life jackets would have prevented this from being a life and death happy ending story in the first place.

Read the story yourself on the "good news blog" and also in the Saanich News by writer Brennan Clarke.

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