Friday, September 01, 2006

Sea Songs: Gilligan, Part 2

After listing the original Minnow as our Boat of the Week on Wednesday, there seemed no better choice for this week's sea song than the theme from Gilligan's Island.

However, anybody can send you a link to one of the original two versions of the actual TV show's theme song. Remember, originally the Professor and Mary Ann got shafted in favor of "and the rest" at the end of the song. Anyway, follow our iTunes button for a unique version, which I believe is sung by vegetables.

VeggieTales (Veggie Tunes) - Pirate's Boat Load of Fun - The Ballad of Jonah (Gilligan's Island Theme)

Oh, we know you want it, so here are the original two tunes:
the version with "and the rest", The version with "the professor and mary ann".

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