Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On the Web: RescueTape.com

Out on the water, your fancy 65-piece marine toolset in its bright yellow plastic carrying case probably WILL sink if you drop it over the side, and it probably WON'T save your hide as many times as Rescue Tape will.

Rescue Tape is small enough to justify keeping a couple of rolls on the boat (and one in the truck). It's actually a self-fusing silicone tape so there is no adhesive to wear away; it seals air- and water-tight.

At 700 psi, it should keep any hose leaks at bay until you can get assistance.

With the ability to resist 8,000 Volts and 500° F (260° C), temporary electrical cord repairs are not a problem.

For more information, or to buy a couple of rolls, visit RescueTape.com.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Rather Blustery Day

They say that the difference between sailors and powerboaters is that powerboats are often intimidated by windy weather and waves, while sailboats thrive in blustery weather.

Not so this past weekend in New England, as demonstrated in this video posted on YouTube this past Saturday from Massachusetts. Check it out:

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sea Songs: Sails

How many songs named "sails" are there? Tons, but not many by female independent artists that can jam. That's what I found when I listened to a few songs by Megan Slankard, including Sails which is from the album A Little Extra Sun.

I found the video you see below of a live performance at a site called acousticvids.com, and since Daily Boater only gets about 3 hits a day (and 1 of them is me), I figured this page would not be violating their creative commons license. So here ya go:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weekend: FLL, here we come

Today marks the first day of the 47th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. With the weather starting to chill in most parts of the country and an extra hour to kill this weekend, why would you go anywhere else?

The event is being billed as the world’s largest boat show, but I thought that as such it would contain more than 1.6 billion dollars worth of boats, yachts, superyachts, electronics, engines and thousands of accessories from every major marine manufacturer and builder worldwide. I wouldn't be surprised to see that number advertised as $2 Billion by the time the 50th annual comes around given the recent trend towards bigger and bigger mega yachts.

Still not convinced? What if I told you that Ft. Lauderdale liked to call itself the Venice of America? I'm serious.

If you are planning to go to the Ft. Lauderdale show this weekend, you can check it out at six different venues, all of which are connected by a very complex-looking bus and boat system shown here. The venues are:
Bahia Mar Yachting Center
Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel and Yacht Club
Hyatt Pier 66 Hotel & Marina
Hall of Fame Marina
Las Olas Marina

Boat Show Dates Hours:
Thursday, October 26 (Prime Time Preview) - 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday, October 27 - 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday, October 28 - 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday, October 29 - 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Monday, October 30 - 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Prices range from FREE for children UNDER SIX YEARS OLD to as high as $60 for a five day pass.

Whether you are going or not, at least check out the event's website - it is a show in itself.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Boat of the Week: The White Star of London

The White Star of London. It just sounds elegant, doesn't it? Or perhaps you were thinking of her sister ship, The Elegant Star of London. They are both very elegant, actually, and both (or either) can be yours for a day, a week or even longer.

These beautiful 76- and 80-foot yachts are available for charter in the Balearics and Mediterranean waters. They were recently brought to my attention as charter options for watching the America's Cup races next summer - What a cool idea.

Sign up before all the best dates are taken: click here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When Stingrays Attack

For the 2nd time in less than seven weeks, a stingray has stabbed a man in the heart with potentially fatal consequences.

The 1st time was a story you've seen over and over again - resulting in the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. (click here if you live in a box)

The 2nd time was last week in Florida, and though the 81 year old victim has survived, the story may be freakier than that of Steve Irwin's. In this most recent case, the man was stabbed in the heart (just like Irwin was), but after the stingray first flopped right into the man's boat! That's right - the stingray flopped into the boat, and then stabbed the man in the heart with its razor sharp wiry barbed tale. Apparently, the man was trying to scoop the stingray out of his boat when he was attacked, but it is still too strange. (full story here)

Strange freakish accidents? Do stingrays know what they are doing? Maybe "Bush did it", claims this website... check it out.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Rich in Russia? You Gotta Get a Boat

A story out of Moscow today explains how yachts are becoming the new must-have luxury item among the elite upper classes in Russia.

In fact, one luxury yacht retailer claims to be selling 5 times more boats than last year. This is in a country where the mildest coastal towns experience only a couple of months of suitable boating weather at best.

The story goes on to say that many of these "new boaters" don't even use their boats; they just like to say that they own a boat!

Don't believe it? It's true, because I read it in this online UK newspaper. Check it out here.

Learn more about Russia here or here.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sea Songs: Sailing To Phillie

Every once in a while I surprise even myself with the gems I find when searching for sea songs for this weekly post.

This composition from former-Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler features James Taylor on lead vocals, and it is as sweet as it gets.

Here are some links so that you can enjoy Sailing To Philadelphia - the title track on Knopfler's 2nd solo album. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:



Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Philadelphia

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Weekend: The Biggest Boat Show in the World?

India has the 2nd largest population in the world - over a billion citizens, which is second only to China.

With all those people - and a 7,000 km coastline - there surely must be a plethora of boaters in India.

That's why I wouldn't be surprised if the India International Boat Show (IIBS) grows to become the largest boat show in the world. I'm not sure it is, but the show's website claims that the "IIBS brings together the entire boating, marine and aqua tourism industry from South Asia and the Middle East."

So, if you're in South Asia this weekend, be sure to pop in on the IIBS.
What: India International Boat Show (IIBS)
When: October 20 - 22, 2006
Where: Le Meridien International Convention Centre, Cochin, Kerala, India

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boat of the Week: Fan Sea V

I'm not sure if Captain & Mrs. Sardelli are replacing the Fan Sea V with the Fan Sea VI, or if they are giving up the charter business, but their 1990 53' Viking Sport fish is for sale.

If you've got a half-million dollars laying around, and want what looks like a VERY well-maintained and lightly-fished-in fishing boat, then this may be the boat for you. Looks like she's got all the gadgets you need to start cruising right away.

More info and pictures are here.

Contact Captain Dave Sardelli in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA, directly if you're interested in this fine vessel:

P. 401.821.4722
F. 401.823.0879
Email: FanSeaV@cox.net

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

California boating exam on the way

California is usually on the cutting edge of things such as clothing styles, car emissions and safety regulations, healthcare, medicinal marijuana, fine wine, and the list goes on and on (which is to say that I can't think of other examples at this moment).

So with their trend-setting reputation, and my knowledge that - other than the time of day - most things move west to east across the United States, it was surprising to find this weekend that California is considering a boating exam program. As a Connecticut Yankee in Long Island Sound, having to take a course and pass an exam before becoming a boater seems second nature. In fact, the law has been around so long in CT that I often forget that the rules are different in each state and that the Nutmeg state on the east coast is actually ahead of the curve for a change in this instance. In fact, California is one of only 13 states that does not require training to operate a recreational boat. What's your state's status? Check FirstBoat.com's boating by state tool.

Will the California law pass? Probably, because boater education saves lives. The State of Florida's statistics tell me so.

If you live in California and have to take an exam, will YOU pass? Probably, because the individuals who teach boating courses are usually passionate boaters who want you to be safe on the water, so they'll teach you what you need to know to be safe - and to pass the course.

Read about the proposed California boater exam, and vote your opinion, here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Track Your Yacht

With GPS units coming down in price and getting smaller, it is no wonder that the technology is now available to track your yacht while you are not even on it!

Why do you need a yacht tracking gadget?

Well, if you regularly charter or rent your boat out (or if you were thinking about it but were afraid your boat would be sailed off the end of the earth), then you might benefit from this type of device or service.

Also, if you have loved ones who sail frequently and you may enjoy having access to a yacht tracking system so you can track their whereabouts for your own peace of mind.

Other applications may include tracking for boat races, businesses involved in boat delivery, or even fishing boats. Imagine how useful this would be if you owned two or three (or 20) fishing boats that were out at sea and you wanted to see where they all were from the computer in your cozy office.

Yacht tracking systems are available from many companies today, and therefore you can get a good price and reliable support if you shop around.

Some of the companies we found offering these systems are:

Yacht-Control, which is owned by the Azimut Group, which I don't think has anything to do with Azimut Yachts.

Ocean Tracker seems inexpensive and even let's you view some yachts that are actually being tracked right now on their site.

US-based Valeo Corporation does a good job of explaining how this type of service has become more affordable and is no longer just for multi-million dollar fleets.

Lastly, check out iBoatTracks.com and see if you can figure out what the heck they do. My best guess is that they set up tracking services for free for some of their friends and family members, but maybe if you contact them they'll set it up for you, too!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sea Songs: New Buffett

Here is Sea Songs Rule #1

If Jimmy Buffett has a new song, it's suitable for DailyBoater's weekly sea songs feature, even if the song isn't about boats.

That's because Jimmy has earned the right to put whatever song he wants to on my site. I have listened to more songs by Jimmy Buffett while boating than any other artist, so in my mind EVERY song Jimmy does is a boating song even if it's not exactly about boats.

Bama Breeze is like that. Take a look and listen to Jimmy's new single on video at Margaritaville.com - here.

Buy the new album at Amazon - here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Weekend: Old and Large

If you like your boat shows old and large, then you will LOVE the 35th Annual United States Powerboat Show.

It says right on the show's official website that they are "The Nation’s oldest & largest in-water Powerboat Show", so will certainly get your old and large fix at this event.

Seriously, if you are on the east coast this weekend, you must attend this great event, which includes a fleet of boats ranging from luxurious motoryachts and performance boats to offshore fishing machines, family cruisers, center consoles, and even a variety of unique and affordable inflatables.

What: 35th Annual United States Powerboat Show.

Where: Annapolis City Dock and Harbor in Annapolis, Maryland

When: October 12 - 15, 2006

More info: USBoat.com (not to be confused with BoatUS.com)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boat of the Week: America's Cup

Did you know that the winner of the 31st America's Cup in 2003 was a team based in Switzerland? The team name is written on the side of the boat, but the actual winning boat's name was SU164.

Team Alinghi is launching a new boat for the 32nd America's Cup, which is happening next summer (2007) in Valencia, located on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline.

Learn more about Alinghi -- the team and the boats, past and present, here.

More details about the 32nd America's Cup can be found here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On the Web: BoatlinX with a capital X

Maybe Boatlinx.com didn't want you to forget how to spell their misspelled name, so they capitalized the X.

If you ask them, they'll probably tell you it is in tune with the "treasure map" design on their logo... An "X marks the spot" type of thing.

Either way, if you are looking for a boat site and you don't want to comb through the 14 Million results on Google for your boating keywords, then BoatlinX.com is a great place to start.

Check them out at www.BoatlinX.com (caps not required!)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Day Regatta Collision

South Florida's 52nd annual Columbus Day regatta took an ugly turn Sunday when two boats collided on Biscayne Bay, resulting in the death of one young woman, and serious injuries to seven other people. As of this posting, one man is still missing.

The Miami Herald is reporting that a boat which was being towed was hit "violently" by another boat which did not stop - an on-the-water version of a hit-and-run.

Read further details from the Miami Herald here, and the Associated Press here.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sea Songs: Happy Columbus Day Weekend

In honor of the upcoming semi-holiday celebrating the man who is credited in American textbooks with "discovering America", this week's sea song is as follows:

World Before Columbus from Suzanne Vega's album "Nine Objects Of Desire"

Not necessarily about boats, but named for one of the most famous boaters in American history.
Give her a listen here from Amazon.com [link to album]

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weekend: 37th Annual Everything

Whether you live on the Pacific or the Atlantic coast of the United States, you're not only near a boat show this weekend, but you are near a "37th Annual" Boat Show!

On the left coast, you've got The 37th Annual International Sail & Power Boat Show, being held at the Long Beach Convention Center and Shoreline Village Marina in none other than Long Beach, California.

Live on the Atlantic? Then you'll enjoy the 37th Annual United States Sailboat Show - billed as "The Nation's oldest & largest in-water Sailboat Show" - at Annapolis City Dock and Harbor in, of course, Annapolis, Maryland.

Both shows run from Oct 5th (today) through the 8th (Sunday), except for the Annapolis show which runs all the way through Monday.

If this link does not bring you to the Annapolis show website, just type in usboat.com and remember that it's their fault not mine.

This link here is a one-way ticket to Long Beach. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Boat of the Week: YOUR BOAT HERE

This week's Boat of the Week is...


A couple of weeks ago we marked the end of the summer, and many people are now considering selling their boat in hopes of buying a new one next spring, or perhaps taking a year off from activity.

We're always looking for interesting new or pre-owned boats to post on DailyBoater's Boat of the Week each Wednesday, and there's no reason next week's featured boat can't be yours.

Simply list your boat for sale at FirstBoat.com, here, and it will be considered the following Wednesday for the DailyBoater Boat of the Week.

Why else should you sell your boat at FirstBoat.com? Well, FirstBoat itself has some pretty great visitors. In fact, a survey we conducted a few months ago told us that 31% are planning on purchasing a boat within 6 months. You won't find that many boat buyers in your local newspaper, and on a big site like Yahoo your boat will get lost.

Best of all, every boat listed for sale on FirstBoat is also sold on a network of other boating sites, including UsedBoats.com, MarineWeb.com and SunNews.com.

Sell your boat here, now, and YOUR boat could be the next Boat of the Week!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On the web: Renting a boat just got easier

Last spring, a friend of mine sent me an email and said "where can I rent a boat for the weekend just like the one I used to own?" I know he used to own a 28' Maxum express cruiser, because I helped him pick it out 10 years ago and spent many fun days on that boat before buying a similar boat in 1999. Not knowing of any popular boat renting agencies in the Long Island Sound area, I set out on the web to find my friend a boat to rent.

In my search, I found plenty of boat charters available out of New London, CT, or Newport, but most were fishing captains for hire. A nice service, but not what he was looking for. Many of the results I found under a search for "boat charter" on google were for the Caribbean or Greece or other exotic locations where you can enjoy a bareboat cruise and go island hopping. Again, nice, but not what we were looking for here.. There were plenty of timeshares-for-yacht services advertised on the web, but most of them seem to be for sailboats - I know this guy is a powerboater. Also, they all want you to "buy in" for a year, or a lifetime, and my friend - who recently had his 4th kid - only needed a boat for a weekend. Besides, the closest service of this kind was out of Stamford, CT, and he was looking for something closer to Mystic.

Anyway, I sent him a couple of links that I finally found and forgot about it... Until he sent me an email last week telling me how that company I sent him was in the news for their unique service and rapid growth. I said, "What company?", as I didn't remember what website I had actually sent him. Apparently, I sent him a link to BoatRenting.com where he found a 38' cabin cruiser that he was able to rent for a 3-day weekend right near his home. He said the price was reasonable, the boat was everything promised by the renter, and the transaction was easy as pie (Where did that saying come from? I've never made a pie - it doesn't seem easy to me).

So, if you need to rent a boat for the weekend, you can search Google for hours and look at a hundred different websites like I did last spring, or you can visit BoatRenting.com and find a boat to rent.

Monday, October 02, 2006


It took six helicopters, a Navy search plane and two rescue boats - but 24 hours after a 17' boat capsized 15 miles offshore in the Atlantic, the last of the 5 boaters has been rescued.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Donnie Brzuska is quoted in several newspaper articles as stating that the five men were fishing in a 17-foot pleasure boat about 15 miles offshore when it began taking on water and capsized about 11 a.m. Saturday.

You can read about the rescue here, but make sure you also check out the message boards here... While it is fortunate these five men were smart enough to have PFDs, there are some interesting comments concerning why these guys were SOOO far offshore in such a small boat with so many people. I hope we hear the survivors' tales soon.