Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Boat of the Week: YOUR BOAT HERE

This week's Boat of the Week is...


A couple of weeks ago we marked the end of the summer, and many people are now considering selling their boat in hopes of buying a new one next spring, or perhaps taking a year off from activity.

We're always looking for interesting new or pre-owned boats to post on DailyBoater's Boat of the Week each Wednesday, and there's no reason next week's featured boat can't be yours.

Simply list your boat for sale at, here, and it will be considered the following Wednesday for the DailyBoater Boat of the Week.

Why else should you sell your boat at Well, FirstBoat itself has some pretty great visitors. In fact, a survey we conducted a few months ago told us that 31% are planning on purchasing a boat within 6 months. You won't find that many boat buyers in your local newspaper, and on a big site like Yahoo your boat will get lost.

Best of all, every boat listed for sale on FirstBoat is also sold on a network of other boating sites, including, and

Sell your boat here, now, and YOUR boat could be the next Boat of the Week!

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