Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weekend: 37th Annual Everything

Whether you live on the Pacific or the Atlantic coast of the United States, you're not only near a boat show this weekend, but you are near a "37th Annual" Boat Show!

On the left coast, you've got The 37th Annual International Sail & Power Boat Show, being held at the Long Beach Convention Center and Shoreline Village Marina in none other than Long Beach, California.

Live on the Atlantic? Then you'll enjoy the 37th Annual United States Sailboat Show - billed as "The Nation's oldest & largest in-water Sailboat Show" - at Annapolis City Dock and Harbor in, of course, Annapolis, Maryland.

Both shows run from Oct 5th (today) through the 8th (Sunday), except for the Annapolis show which runs all the way through Monday.

If this link does not bring you to the Annapolis show website, just type in and remember that it's their fault not mine.

This link here is a one-way ticket to Long Beach. Enjoy!

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