Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where Not To Swim

There's a new service on the web to help boaters get from point A to point B, download charts or view them online, and best of all - avoid sharks! told me about NavQuest and how useful their AAA-like trip planning features were. They are cool, and easy to use (though a little frustrating when trying to choose cities for which they don't yet have marinas listed.) Once I found a couple of shoreline towns for which they had data, NavQuest promptly told me the distance between the two locations, the lat and long of each, the amount of fuel I might consume and how long it should take me to get their. It also provided a bearing for my compass, a chart view and a satellite view (courtesy of Yahoo - possibly b/c Google already partners with a similar service called EarthNC).

While all of that is helpful, failed to mention NavQuest's coolest feature of all - their Shark Attack Map - which displays a map of the world marked with shark attack locations and the dates they occurred.

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