Sunday, January 06, 2008

One More Boat Show

I have one more boat show to mention this weekend, but as opposed to the other two, I can report on the Providence Boat Show first hand because I was there.

The show had a pretty impressive crowd considering it mainly drew from Rhode Island residents. Unlike me, most Connecticut folks probably went to the New York Boat Show if given the choice - bigger boats, more attractions, etc. Boston people stayed away as they have their own show next weekend - Note: the Boston show is earlier than previous years, which I learned from the talking people on the show's website.

Still, for a small state, the RI boat show wasn't bad. Getting in and out was a piece of cake (which is why I went to Providence instead of NY). The event covered three levels of the RI Convention Center, with boats on the middle floor, an announcer on the loud speaker drawing you to the first floor for the kid's bass casting contest (see picture courtesy of ESPN's BASS page), and no real reason to go up to the third floor unless you knew about the free beer being handed out courtesy of my new favorite brewer.

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