Monday, March 17, 2008

Half-Million Dollars Worth of Boats Auctioned

FirstBoat reported today that they drove $492,400 worth of sales of boats and boat products through eBay in 2007.

FirstBoat, which lists up-to-the-minute boats for auction on its website, has an affiliate relationship with eBay. Sales numbers are tracked and audited by a third party; this third party reported that nearly half of a million dollars worth of used boats and marine products were sold on eBay in 2007 to people who had clicked over to eBay directly from FirstBoat.

The numbers appear to be quite remarkable. Although eBay does not share how many boats are sold or auctioned through their site, the auction site once reported that they sold $14 Million worth of boats (2002). It is surmised that FirstBoat is clearly one of their largest drivers of boat buyers with nearly a half-million dollars worth of sales in one year.

This report helps validate to FirstBoat's advertisers that the site's visitors are not just browsing, but are serious about buying boats.

It also shows that FirstBoat helps prepare buyers for making informed decisions about boat and boating-related purchases. FirstBoat's boat buying guide includes information about how to buy a boat, how to bid on a boat, and the basics of boat loans and marine insurance.

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