Monday, April 14, 2008

Supply and demand - boat prices falling

The Boston Globe today confirmed my theory that it is a GREAT time to buy a boat. Sure, the price of gas is high, but you can probably make up for it in savings on the price of your boat, interest, and possibly even slip fees.

Why are boats getting cheaper? Supply and demand. My favorite quote from the article:

"It's the first thing to go, right?" said (Morningstar market analyst Marisa) Thompson. "No one needs a boat to survive."

Not sure why, but it made me think, "tell that to Noah."

Read the full article here at the Boston Globe's site,, but watch for pop-ups.

You can find deals on boats at FirstBoat's boat auction listings here, or on their boat classified listings here.

Oh, and if you're one of those folks who needs to unload your boat in a hurry, list it for sale on FirstBoat's classifieds site, and it will also be included on and all their other partners' sites. A real deal at $39.95.

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