Sunday, July 13, 2008

MySpace for Boaters

As you may already know, DailyBoater is part of a nautical network of boating sites, which includes the popular

As one of the leading networks in the space, we wanted to create a place where boaters could interact with each other - a social interaction site for boaters. But then we thought... why reinvent the wheel? So instead, we are creating our own groups and networks within the already established leading network sites.

FirstBoat's MySpace page recently welcomed its 100th friend, a huge achievement considering that the endeavor was launched just four months ago by a 30-something who had never previously used MySpace.

Add FirstBoat as a friend on MySpace and you'll be joining a contingent of more than 100 like minded boaters and fishermen (and fisherwomen!)

Follow this link to add FirstBoat as a Friend on MySpace:

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