Sunday, August 17, 2008

Abandoned Boats

If you've got a boat moored, grounded or sunk in Folly River or Folly Creek in South Carolina, you better make sure your boat looks like it's in tip top shape.

The mayor of the town of Folly Beach is cleaning up his waterways, and lists 16 boats as abandoned that he plans to have removed.

I think his plan makes sense, especially for the boats at the bottom of the river, or sitting sideways in the marsh. However, after viewing the news video below, it appears as if some of the boats just look too messy for the mayor.

There apparently is a list of targeted boats in the local Folly Beach paper. If your boat is in the area, and you haven't checked on it in a while, you better check the list!

[By the way, I just noticed this video plays a crappy commercial before the aforementioned news piece... please stand by!]

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