Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Number One Boating Site

There's a new human-powered search site called Actually, not sure how new they are, but I just stumbled upon them over the weekend.

The best thing about them is their taste in boating sites.

Their editors ranked #1 in their list of the best boating websites.

LoveToKnow reviews over 100 sites in each category before selecting a winner, so just making the top 10 is pretty exciting - being number 1 seems unimaginable.

LoveToKnow says that they "look for sites that have depth and breadth in their area. We also look for diversity - a list of ten websites all selling you the exact same shoes isn't very useful. In the Love To Learn area, we try to cover as many different levels of expertise as possible, so that visitors with differing backgrounds and skill sets can find something they didn't know before.

While we're biased in favor of bigger sites - the more sheer content there is, the more it's likely to benefit someone - sometimes the smaller sites stand out in their unique approach, their special niche or that je ne sais quoi that makes us say 'This is a Top 10 site'."

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