Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Repo Man Strikes Again

I can't believe this story resurfaced, more than two months after I covered it (well, actually the Wall Street Journal and a TV station in Cleveland covered it, but I covered them covering it.)

Anyway, here's my local hometown (is that redundant?) paper, infamous in the state for recently ridding itself of all those pesky reporters, spitting up a "feel-bad" story written for another city. And also a story that was already told by the WSJ in the same boating season.

I've got to admit, I like the way this newer version of the repo man tale contrasts the two personality types of the men they profiled - the first man is "soft spoken" and rarely confronted; the second wears a bullet proof vest and is "ready for a fight". Worth a read, even if you're not in Miami.

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