Monday, September 22, 2008

Boating into Fall

Summer is officially over, but are you still boating?

Here in New England, many folks are starting to think about pulling their boats out of the water for the winter, cutting their losses on what was their most expensive boating season ever. Even in warmer parts of the country where people boat year round, it's harder to get out on the water for many families with school all week and soccer and football games all weekend.

Don't despair, justification is here. Here are my top five reasons why this is one of the best times to boat:

1) Fall Foliage. The sight of changing leaves draws people from all over the world to the northeastern states, as well as to states as far (from me!) as Colorado and New Mexico. Instead of spending your time in a car, take your fall foliage tour on a boat this year for an experience you'll want to do annually.

2) Fall Fish. The folks in the forums of are reminding us that it's just the beginning of the fall fishing season, so don't be too hasty in pulling out your boat.

3) Get your money's worth. You may spend a few grand on your seasonal boat slip whether you pull your boat out on Labor Day or Thanksgiving. Why not stretch out your investment and enjoy your boat a few more times instead of letting it sit idle in winter storage?

4) Less Crowds. Lake and river boaters can really appreciate the extra space they will have on cool autumn days when many boaters have already packed it in. Instead of playing bumper boats, fighting for fish, and endangering your water skiers, you will "own" the lake.

5) An excuse to get away. Is it getting to cold to boat where you live? Then why not boat where you don't live? Head south, west or anywhere that caters to boating year-round and you'll have a destination-vacation you won't soon forget. Plan your trip around a Washington Huskies football game and do some boat tailgating, or visit the Florida Keys or the coast of Texas.

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