Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cannons 2.0

In a display of wealth that spits in the face of the current economic crisis, Russian ka-chillionaire Roman Abramovich is having a 350 million dollar, 550 foot yacht built (according to CrunchGear). I think he could have picked up an ailing financial firm on Wall St for only a few bucks more. Oh yeah, he's already in that business - better to diversify.

The ship will boost its own economic system on board considering it will require a crew of 70 to steer the vessel, manage the disco, pools and helipads, keep the submarine and jet skis tuned up, and, oh yeah, work the missle defense system built into the boat!

We sure have come a long way since old school pirates had cannons poking out of wooden hatches along the side of a ship.

Of course, this isn't too much of a stretch given that Mr. Abramovich already has an anti-missile system on his Boeing 767.

All I have to say is, cool toys! Spend it if you've got it.

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