Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

christopher columbusAre you enjoying a long weekend thanks to Columbus Day?

The folks at BoatNameGear decided that a great way to celebrate a nautical holiday like Columbus Day would be to offer 20% savings to their nautical-minded customers. Not a bad idea given our current economic environment.

Use coupon code UMBUS between now and October 15th to save 20% off any order at

BoatNameGear offers shirts, hats, welcome mats, towels and more - personally embroidered with your boat name. Unlike other sites that sell that type of stuff, BoatNameGear only focuses on stuff for boaters, and doesn't have any lofty minimum order amounts. And, your stuff is custom made and shipped within a few days - not weeks!

Hurry, this coupon expires October 15, 2008:

coupon code: UMBUS

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