Sunday, May 17, 2009

Safe Boating Week

As the weather warms across the country and boats get ready to launch, President Obama has made it official with a press release from the White House declaring this week National Safe Boating Week 2009.

Mr. Obama tells us that he encourages "all Americans to join in observing this occasion by learning more about boating safety and committing themselves to safe practices on the water." OK, he didn't actually tell us that, but he said it in his statement. And we were listening.

Maybe with gas prices down dramatically from last summer, more people will take to the water, spend more time on their boats and more money on all the things that go along with boating. For example, I don't know, maybe they'll spend money on boat name stuff. One can hope.

If you'd like to put the President's call into action, one place to start is FirstBoat's boating safety tips page.

Enjoy the season and be safe!

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