Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your first boat is hard to part with

I could totally relate to Paul Sullivan's saga of selling Sea Paws - his beloved first boat - as told in today's NY Times.

Of course, Paul faced the expected challenge of selling a luxury item in a product category that has by many accounts experienced a 50% drop in sales since he bought his boat two years ago. However, it sounds like he didn't anticipate that it would be as hard to emotionally give up the boat as it was to find a buyer.

I recall in selling my own first boat - and taking a similar financial loss due to engine issues (it didn't work any more) - that the void from not having the boat itself was much harder to bear than the bath I took in the sale.

Well, Paul, we still have our memories. You can also take comfort in knowing that the buyer probably will indeed love the boat as much as you did - he just hid his emotions better while negotiating. After all, what's not to love about a 30 ft express cruiser?

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