Monday, October 19, 2009

Buy a Bigger Boat (Top 5)

We have moved on to the second half of our list of the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bigger Boat, and the complete list will be released over the next couple of days.

Reason # 5: Versatility

A bigger boat is more versatile than a smaller one, allowing you to take farther, longer trips.

Sure, you could make an argument that a little runabout is more versatile than a cabin cruiser because the runabout could take a few people out for skiing, picnics, overnight camping, and day trips across the lake. While that is true, a larger boat can carry more fuel and withstand rougher seas allowing you to travel significantly farther than you would dare in most smaller boats.

For example, a Connecticut boater with an 18-footer might not attempt a trip to Block Island, or even outside the safety of Long Island Sound. Meanwhile, the boater with a 34-footer wouldn’t hesitate. And with the larger boat, you can still go camping on the beach… but you also have the option of actually sleeping inside the boat. Heck, if your boat is big enough, you could even carry that smaller boat around in an on board garage like the one on this Lazzara LSX 92. How’s that for versatility?

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