Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is it OK to be a Pirate?

With Halloween only a few days away and news today that a British couple may be the latest victims of Somali pirates, an important question may be on your mind.

Is it insensitive to dress up like a pirate for Halloween?

Let’s face it, with two years since the last (and until the next) Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the notorious villains of the sea are not currently being glamorized by Disney as they so often are. Besides, Disney is facing other PR battles.

So with machine-gun-toting Somali pirates in the news, taking real ships and risking real lives, is it politically correct to be a pirate for Halloween? If you do it, wouldn’t it be more realistic (and scarier!) to toss aside the hook-hand and eye patch and simply wear a dirty t-shirt and carry a machine gun? Trick or treat!