Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Number 1 Reason to Buy a Bigger Boat Now

Rounding out our Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Bigger Boat Now is:

Reason # 1. Let’s Face It, ALL Boats Are Too Small

It’s true. And after shopping for boats at countless boat shows, boat dealerships and marinas, you, too will notice the stark difference between how big a 30-footer looks up on pedestals in a coliseum or show room compared to how small the same boat looks in the water tied up at a dock.

Most people are surprised when they first notice this. Of course, the boat doesn’t actually shrink when it’s placed in the water. But remember that about a quarter of the boat's exterior is now hidden below the waterline.

Staring up at the hull at an indoor boat show makes the boat look huge. Staring down at the deck from the dock when the boat is in the water makes the same boat appear much smaller. It’s only then that you realize that much of that hidden real estate on the boat is not even usable living space, i.e., the engine, bilge, storage, etc.

So, to avoid buyer’s remorse and ensure that you will not be disappointed by the size of your boat after you purchase it and place it in the water, buy that bigger boat now!


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