Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reason 4 to Buy a Bigger Boat

We're down to the last few reasons to buy that bigger boat now instead of getting a smaller boat. Don't forget, if you've already decided that you want a bigger boat, these reasons are free for you to use in making a case to your spouse or your bank so that they are on board with your purchase.

Reason # 4. Extend the boating season

Up here in chilly New England, all the small boats are pretty much out of the water for the winter. The bigger boats are still being used for fall fishing trips, foliage viewing, and many yachts are making their way down south for the winter.

The first half of the summer was so rainy here that most small boats stayed docked or on their trailer until mid-August. But a bigger boat with a cabin wouldn’t let a little drizzle ruin the weekend. Small craft advisories are just that: warnings to small crafts. The big boys get to stay out and play if it’s safe to do so.

Simply put, a big boat is more practical than a smaller boat because it can be used more often and for a longer chunk of the year. Rougher seas, inclement weather, a chill in the air… no problem for the bigger boat!


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