Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Relive the Titanic

These days we cruise confidently on large ships adorned with pools, casinos and restaurants. Passengers on cruise ships risk the occasional salmonella outbreak, or perhaps some pirates if they're in the wrong "neighborhood."

The days of fearing a cruise ship might share the fate of the Titanic are behind us, as we have reached a point between technology and experience that enable us to avoid such disasters. But wait… isn't that exactly the same hubris that led to the sinking of the mighty Titanic? Is it really such a good idea to tempt the gods of the sea with a Titanic Memorial Cruise on the 100 year anniversary of the fateful cruise?

That's just what British firm Miles Morgan Travel is planning for the year 2012, according to an AP story in the Canadian Press earlier today. Would you want to be in the North Atlantic on a ship on 4/14/12, the same date the Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink? Seriously, cruising is very, very safe, but is this really such a good idea?


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