Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sailing Round the World

As a recreational sailor, you may not be aware of the many races, large and small, occurring at any given point on the waterways – all over the world. Many demand months of commitment and a lifetime of preparation from their participants.

One such race going on right now is the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, which involves ten months and 35,000 miles of ocean racing among 400 people. This year’s race began on 13 September 2009 with ten sleek, stripped down 68-foot yachts embarking on a full circumnavigation of the globe, and claims to be the only one of its kind available to non-professional sailors.

We love oceanic comparisons to mountain climbing. As if not to let us down, the Round the World website proclaims that “Fewer people have raced a yacht around the globe than have climbed Mount Everest”. That's probably true.

You can get the latest news from the race, see great pictures, and even participate in the race virtually – from dry land – at


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