Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bigger Boat

Think the boat you're considering is big enough? Think again. Throughout the next several days, we're going to post our top ten reasons to buy a bigger boat. Remember: In the end, it's all relative and you should buy the boat that's best for you.

Reason # 10: It's the economy, stupid.

In this recession you can get a lot more boat for your money than you may ever be able to again. History and economic trends tell us that the prices of boats are going to rise significantly once they start selling again, as are the interest rates on boat loans, or the cost of money.

And right now, boat dealers are making deals and individuals are putting boats up for auction to make a quick sale. Sooner or later, sellers won't be looking to make a deal to move inventory or to convince you that it's okay that a brand of boat is on the brink of bankruptcy. Interest rates won't be nearly zero for long.  It's a buyer's market, so grab all you can if have the means.


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  1. That's the thing. It's a relative. Prices are plummeting because no one has any money to spend. Where was my crystal ball when I needed to see this all coming?!