Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Bigger Boat

Reason # 2. Save on Fuel and Food

This may sound counter-intuitive – but you can spend less money on both food and fuel with a bigger boat. It's simple if you go big and take it slow.

Enjoying a bigger boat properly means taking more leisurely cruises than you may be used to. By going slower, you burn less fuel than you burn zipping around in a smaller, faster boat. You'll even enjoy sitting at the dock more on your spacious vessel than you would in a smaller boat.

In fact, that brings us to how you’ll save on food. A bigger boat with a workable galley and comfortable seating areas will allow you to eat on board vs. heading on shore to the closest restaurant and spending a fortune every night. You’ll save a few bucks and experience waterfront dining at its best – on the comfort of your own boat.

This tip was inspired by the true story of Capt. Eric posted on the Captain’s Blog at

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