Monday, December 14, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Ghost Yachts has just unveiled a new yacht, and it's scary how cool it looks. The Dutch firm's G180 with its unique combination of cutting edge Dutch engineering and a stylish Italian look provided by Gloss Design of Italy will surely be a head turner.

The yacht will be easily recognized by its unique "vertical bow configuration," which appears to be a variation of the reverse or axe bow design. This innovative hull shape should have less resistance than hulls on comparably sized mega yachts, and "offers the possibility to reach semi-displacement speeds in excess of 20 knots," according to the company.

Ghost Yachts expects to be complete with production engineering by this time 2010, so now you know what to ask Santa for next year. You can learn more about Ghost Yachts and put your name on their waiting list at their website.


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