Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Light it up

Have you seen boats with underwater lights, or do you have a strong opinion of them?

With Christmas boat parade participants preparing to be lit up topside with decorations (and libations), wouldn't it be cool to see what's going on below the waterline?

When it comes to underwater lights, boaters seem to either love them or hate them, as discussed on Panbo several months ago (see: Underwater lights, stupid & offensive?).

But even if you think boat lights are useless and annoying, you might "see the light" when you check out Aqualuma’s LUMA-Vu Underwater Camera. As BoatTrader Insider points out, "this camera provides an underwater viewpoint from a perspective never before available." It’s true. Imagine simply watching sea life drift by from the comfort of your cabin, or capturing images of the fight you feel but rarely see as you reel in the catch of your life.

If you've thought about adding underwater lights to your boat but were hesitant because they just didn't seem all that useful, then the Aqualuma LUMA-Vu - with it's combination of lights and underwater camera - may offer you the excuse to brighten up the water below.

Learn more about these gadgets from BoatTrader Insider and Australian-based Aqualuma.


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