Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Top 10 Boats of 2009?

CNN's Mainsail just released its top ten boats of 2009.

The list is comprised of everything "from superyachts to sail-planes" and we’re proud to say that it even includes vessels recently featured on the Daily Boater - Super-environmentalist David de Rothschild's Plastiki and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's Eclipse.

Since Mainsail is a program that runs on CNN International, it is no surprise that many of their top 10 boats look like they were chosen more for their newsworthiness than for their seaworthiness. That’s okay with us, as the designs are out of this world.

Speaking of "out of this world", our favorite vessel on the list might be "Planet Solar" with a design reminiscent of the Star Trek Enterprise. What's your favorite?

On the web at CNN.com

9:05 AM Editor's note: Shortly after we posted this story, CNN changed the title of the article on their website from "Mainsail's Top 10 Boats of 2009" to the more appropriate "Will this thing even float? The craziest boats on the oceans." Either way, we still like the boats!


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