Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy Trails to You

Mega yachts are always in the news, but the majority of boats are less than 25 feet in length.

It’s true. In fact, 95% of vessels on the water today are less than 26 feet long and trailerable, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. This number may increase if you consider that with the state of the current economy, many boat owners may be downsizing; and if you are lucky enough to be buying your first boat it will likely be small enough to trailer.

With all this in mind, we thought we’d share some resources we found to help you trailer your boat.

Towing a boat is no easy task, but it can be mastered if you follow the guides and tips we’ve found on the following sites.

Suite 101 Boating & Sailing: Boat Trailer Towing Tips

Commander Bob: Towing Boats

Edmunds: How to tow a trailer

Discover Boating: Towing and Trailering
If you are reading this because you are buying your first trailerable boat, then congratulations! Feel free to explore FirstBoat for additional resources for new boaters.


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