Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going to the Show

Time for our weekly roundup of boating events around the world, starting with the Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show in Hartford. You should be there because WE'LL be there – look for the BoatNameGear exhibit (booth 249) and buy a shirt with your favorite fish stitched on it. The show is featuring that crazy Boston fishing guy, Charlie Moore, on Saturday. Several other fishing experts will be on hand all weekend to share their secrets. Oh, and if you go Friday you'll not only avoid the crowds, but you can save a "buck" on admission by following this link for a coupon. (Get it? We said "buck" because it's a hunting show. ha ha.) There will be a variety of sport and fishing boats on hand, and great deals on charters and fishing trips, as well as gear for both hunters and fishermen and women.

Other new boat shows this weekend include two events with names that make them sound bigger than they probably are. First is the Savannah International Boat Show. Savannah is one of our favorite towns, but is it really going to be an International show? Next is a show in Springfield, Illinois, which is calling itself "The Boat Show". Sounds like a pretty big event for a state that's landlocked! But you know what they say... A bad day spent at even a small boat or fishing show is better than a good day spent at work.

As always, there's more info about these and other events for outdoors-men and women on our boat show calendar.


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