Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Six More WHAT?

After spending the weekend indoors at the Hartford Boat Show in the warm CT Convention Center, surrounded by hundreds of boats and thousands of boaters while listening to Jimmy Buffet, it was almost easy to forget that it was five degrees outside.

Yes, here in New England, boating weather is still a few months away. That little rodent didn't help our cause this morning when he popped out of his hole and saw his shadow, eliminating any hope in our superstitious minds for an early boating season.

But remember what Jimmy Buffet preaches – you can change your attitude by changing your latitude. In fact, now is a great time to head south where it's warmer, and charter someone else's boat. Or if travel is not in your budget, visit a boat show close to your home, climb on a boat and relax. Speaking from recent experience, a visit to even the smallest of boat shows can help put you in a sunshine state of mind.


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