Thursday, March 04, 2010

Million Boat Show March

Ok, maybe there are not millions of boat shows this month, but there are a bunch this weekend. Too many to list, actually, but we'll give it a try.

Where are all the boat shows? Let's just say that if you're in Denver, Orlando, Philly, San Diego or Louisville, there's a boat show of some sort near you.

There are also boating events in Alabama, northern Illinois and on Long Island. Many of these are traditional boat shows, some are quite large, and a couple are specialty shows focusing on trawlers or houseboats. American made cruisers, like the beautiful Nordic Tug 49 pictured here (courtesy of Nordic Tugs), will be on display at Trawler Fest this weekend in San Diego.

Not in the US? No problem. There are boat shows this weekend in Japan, Austria and Winnipeg, too.

As always, all the details about these and other fun events can be found on our boat show calendar.


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