Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring into Rescue Mode

As spring weather spreads across the US, boating mishaps and rescues seem to be on the rise.

On Sunday, four boaters off Charleston were rescued by the Coast Guard with a hole in the hull of their boat. The boat was about 15 miles offshore, but because the boaters had a personal EPIRB onboard, the Coast Guard was able to find their location quickly.

High winds and big swells combined to overcome a small boat on the Indian River in Titusville, Florida, on Saturday. Perhaps it didn't help that there were eight people onboard this 16 foot aluminum boat at the time, celebrating a family reunion. Luckily, despite the boat sinking, all aboard were rescued by nearby boaters. (Compiled from here and here.)

Also on Saturday, reported that six people were plucked from water in St. Pete after their 24 foot sailboat capsized during the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Regatta. Warning to nearby boaters: The boat (aptly named Shock Therapy) remains partially submerged about 600 yards south of the Pier.


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