Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Events, Movies and Boat Shows

There are a few boat shows this weekend, lots of earth day events, and even a couple of big movie releases - all coinciding with Earth Day 2010.

On this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Disney has released the movie Oceans (see trailer below) to theaters around the world. Also taking advantage of Earth Day, Avatar is being released on DVD today for the 27 people who have not yet seen it - including this author.

In other Earth Day news, there are celebrations and events all over the country, including D.C., San Francisco, Boulder and Seattle

Now for our usual Thursday roundup of weekend boat shows. They include the inaugural Spring Boat Show in Essex, CT, which is featuring boats for sale from a few local dealers and brokers. The bigger boat shows are in Texas this weekend. Isn't everything bigger in Texas? Anyway, they include the 4th Annual Texas International Boat Show in Corpus Christi, which started Thursday and goes through Sunday. Also in Texas, the 55th annual Fort Worth Boat and Sport Show, which is usually in January, is happening this weekend.

If you were hoping to go to the Charleston In-Water Boat Show in South Carolina this weekend, sorry - it was canceled.

More details about the boat shows can be found on our boat show calendar.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the water on this Earth Day weekend!


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