Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deadliest Ketch

The worst boating accidents of the past 20 years.

Boating is one of the absolute best recreational activities, but can also be one of the most dangerous. The folks at – a boating safety certification provider - tracked down the 23 deadliest boating accidents over the past 20 years to show just how dangerous boating can be... and then they shared the list with us, so we're sharing it with you.

While this list is admittedly quite grim, if only one boater is a little extra cautious on the water after reading this list, then it was worth posting.

As Pete McDonald points out, there are a lot of crowded tour boats and ferries on the list. There have been some pretty gruesome boating accidents involving boats carrying only a handful of people, too, over the past few years, but perhaps they will end up on another disturbing list someday.

In no particular order, here are ten of the top 23. For the full list, and links to news articles about each accident, visit

1. The Packed Wedding Party (Fatalities: 26. Location: Nigeria)
2. Vessel Carrying Senior Citizens Tips (Fatalities: 20. Location: New York)
3. Chinese Passenger Vessel Capsizes (Fatalities: 280. Location: China)
4. Weather and Panic Cause Sinking of Smugglers (Fatalities: 237. Location: Libya)
5. Wild Animal Enthusiasts Experience Tour Boat Overturning (Fatalities: 45. Location: India)
6. Logging Boat Transporting Passengers Sinks (Fatalities: 73. Location: Indonesia)
7. School Holidays Ends Tragically for 150 Students (Fatalities: 80. Location: Sierra Leone)
8. Tragedy When Boat Strikes Unknown Object (Fatalities: 14. Location: Congo)
9. Two Boats Capsize on the River Sava (Fatalities: 13. Location: Slovenia)
10. No Vacation for These Boaters (Fatalities: 15. Location: Turks and Caicos)



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  1. I think a lot of these accidents happened because boat inspections, licensing and occupancy limits were not enforced.