Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Update on the Great Oil Disaster 2010

Within the past hour of this writing, BP claims to have stopped a leak, but only one of three... AND, the oil is still flowing out at the same overall rate from the well. (Sources: WSJ, Reuters)

In other bad news, MarketWatch reported this morning that BP has huddled with members of the US Congress behind closed doors to inform them that the worst case scenario is that the leak is sending 60,000 barrels of oil a day into the Gulf (as opposed to the widely reported 5,000 barrels a day.)

Florida, fisheries, wildlife, and the economy
The Miami Herald and scientists at the NOVA Southeastern University Oceanographic Center have produced a great video that shows how badly Florida is going to be screwed by this spill, and how the disaster will impact fisheries, wildlife, and the economy.


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  1. This is a disaster with a capital D. Gulf fisheries have had it rough for several years in a row now. Not to mention that the marine ecosystem in the Gulf and along FL East coast is already under enormous stress.