Friday, June 25, 2010

Did Michael Jackson Boat?

For our Sea Song of the Week were you expecting Michael Jackson since our weekly feature falls on the first anniversary of his death? Unfortunately, we couldn't come up with any tunes by the King of Pop remotely related to boating.

Did Michael Jackson boat?

Not sure if Michael Jackson was much of the nautical type, but we did turn up one article from last year that showed he at least liked boats more than he liked helicopters. Just two months before his death, the UK's Daily Mirror reported that Jackson was traveling to his concerts in London via boat because "he told organisers he is scared of helicopters and of being stuck in traffic." (Editor's note: I feel the same way!)

While we are sure we'll hear from fans after we post this with tons of suggestions of nautical tunes by Michael Jackson that we couldn't think of, we instead picked music from a completely different American icon, or group of icons, to celebrate the first week of summer. We picked a song that has been part of the soundtrack to the summers of all of our lives for well over 40 years, and is truly about boating. If you're young, you may not recognize the actual name of this song, but you'll recognize the music when you hear it... and you might even sing along to a few words.

Today, we bring you the Beach Boys with Sloop John B

Hope you enjoy it, and it helps get your summer off to a great start!


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