Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Longest Sea Voyage in History Complete

After more than three years at sea, most of them alone and without returning to land or re-supplying, Reid Stowe has come ashore.

As we mentioned last December, Stowe set off in 2007 aboard the Anne intending to stay at sea for 1,000 days.

Now, after 1,152 days at sea on a 70-foot schooner he built himself, Stowe has returned to Manhattan, and to his partner and 23 month old son... whom he had never met.

The folks at Guinness are looking into whether the trip sets the mark for the longest voyage, one of at least five records that Stowe's website, 1000days.net claims he set or broke. Record or no record, unless this is a total Balloon Boy event, Stowe's journey is an amazing accomplishment.

If you have thoughts on the journey of Reid Stowe, please share your comments.


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