Friday, June 04, 2010

A Pirate Looks at 40

Our Sea Song of the Week is for all the pirates out there turning 40.

This week's choice was actually selected a long time ago, but it took a while to decide between the Jimmy Buffett version or a cover by Jack Johnson.

We decided to stick with the artist that first released this ballad a year before Jack Johnson was even born. Jack fans needn't despair, as his new album is nautically themed and will likely give us a sea song or two in the near future.

Here is Jimmy Buffett singing A Pirate Looks at 40

Learn a little more about this song, including the name of the bartender/pirate it was written about, at Wikipedia. And if you want to see Jimmy perform this summer, visit and view his concert schedule which starts later this month in Massachusetts.

It's a new month, so click here to see all the Sea Songs of the Week we chose in May.

Hope this helps get your weekend on the water off to a great start!


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